STRATOFORTRESS - Anthem of the Worlds (Stratovarius tribute)

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STRATOFORTRESS - Anthem of the Worlds (Stratovarius tribute)

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Tribute-project στους STRATOVARIUS με συμμετοχές από Mike LePond (SYMPHONY X), Juhani Malmberg (KOTIPELTO), MARKO PUKKILA (ALTARIA),Maestro Mistheria (VIVALDI METAL PROJECT, BRUCE DICKINSON), David Folchitto, Bob Katsionis (FIREWIND, HEART ATTACK), Patrik J Selleby (BLOODBOUND, ANGRA, TALES AND LEGENDS)

Destiny - StratospherE
Hunting High & Low - Kublai Kapsalis
Black Diamond - Beto Vazquez Infinity
Distant skies - Marko Pukkila
Eternity - Dark Horizon
Hold on to your dream - Heart Attack
Anthem of the world - Tales and Legends
Paradise - Heaven Denies
Shine in the dark - Magma Lake
Playing with fire - Gépmadár
Father Time - Iliour Griften
S.O.S - Eagleheart
The kiss of judas - Silent Saga
Halcyon Days – Sunrise

This is our tribute to STRATOVARIUS, our way to say "thank you!" to all the members of this band (past and current) for all the great music they gave us. This music teached us how to play and how to live, helping us to carry on the bad moments and give us happiness during beautiful ones of our lives. this album is made from the deepest of our hearts as truly STRATOVARIUS fans for truly STRATOVARIUS fans...

Iliour Griften
They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, We will remember them.
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STRATOFORTRESS - Anthem of the Worlds (Stratovarius tribute)

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τα αγαπημένα μου strato κομματια Against the wind και Twilight symphony, δεν τα χει.
"I looked in their evil eyes and they crouched like cravens,
I showed them my sword, and they trembled and louted low.
I gave their bones for food to the rats and ravens,
And I pray the gods for another and fiercer foe."
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STRATOFORTRESS - Anthem of the Worlds (Stratovarius tribute)

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"42" θα μου απαντησεις...
Εραστής του έντεχνου μεταλλικού ήχου.
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STRATOFORTRESS - Anthem of the Worlds (Stratovarius tribute)

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πλάκα πλάκα οι Stratovarius υπάρχουν ακόμα;
@CountRaven δεν ήθελα να το πω αλλά με αναγκάζεις, μια κλανιά του Adams και μια έστω και λάθος νότα από το μπάσο του Demaio εξαϋλώνουν 20 Prequelle στην καθισιά τους.
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STRATOFORTRESS - Anthem of the Worlds (Stratovarius tribute)

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ποιος διεστραμμένος νους το συνέλαβε???
We scribe in the dark of the night our Black Steele
The evil rite of the black and the light We now reveal to you

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