NIGHTFYRE - Shattered Lands EP (2021)

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NIGHTFYRE - Shattered Lands EP (2021)

Πέμ 04 Φεβ 2021, 00:21


Η επιστροφή των Nightfyre.

Two years after our debut "From Fortune to Ruin" we are reporting back to duty! During summer we've hit the studio of our longtime friend Peter Lagoda, who has recorded our album, and bring you five new Nightfyre tracks to lift your mood in these dark times.
In cooperation with This Charming Man Records we will release "Shattered Lands" in april 2021 on two different colored Vinyl versions, on CD and of course for streaming!
Apart from "Lady in Black" no other song has been played live, so we are very eager to see if
you like them!

Having grown together even more as a band expect some classic heavy metal, of course with our unique way.

1. Intro II
2. Far From Home
3. Lady In Black
4. Shattered Lands
5. Haunted By Fyre

For a sneak preview, the title track, "Shattered Lands", will be released soon! Information about the release date and other stuff will follow! Stay healthy and always remember: FYRE BURNS 🔥

P.S. We already booked the studio for 2022, so some long term anticipation for you!
Τίμιο κλασσικό heavy από Γερμανία. Με ενδιαφέρον demo (Live High - 2015) και ντεμπούτο (From Fortune to Ruin - 2019).

Δεν είχαμε ανοίξει τόπικ για το πρώτο άλμπουμ. Μόνο στην εκπομπή είχα παίξει ένα κομμάτι, οπότε το βάζω ολόκληρο εδώ.

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