VEKTOR - Activate - Νεό EP, κυκλοφορεί 2 Απριλίου

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VEKTOR - Activate - Νεό EP, κυκλοφορεί 2 Απριλίου

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VEKTOR - "Activate" (EP)
Label: District 19
Release date: 2. Apr. 2021

Format: CD

District 19 proudly presents a new 2-track-EP of US progressive thrash titans VEKTOR!
"Activate" and "Dead By Dawn" are the first new tracks since 2016's highly acclaimed "Terminal Redux" album and were recorded by Byron Filson at Villain Recording Studio (US). Both songs are also released on the VEKTOR / CRYPTOSIS split EP, "Transmissions of Chaos", which is available on ltd vinyl & cassette. Because of fan requests, VEKTOR’s part will also be released on CD now, limited to 300 copies world wide.

VEKTOR's David DiSanto comments: “We are proud to release 'Activate' and 'Dead By Dawn', which are the first recordings featuring our new drummer Mike Ohlson, our new bass player Stephen Coon, and my old friend Erik Nelson. It's all about the reactivation of Vektor. We hope it spreads a little positivity in these trying times. Keep an eye out as updates become available for our upcoming live activities as well."

1. Activate
2. Dead By Dawn

(playing time: 09:45 min.)


David DiSanto - Vocals & Guitar

Erik Nelson - Lead Guitar

Stephen Coon - Bass Guitar

Mike Ohlson - Drums

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