NIGHT DEMON (US) - Year of the Demon (2022)

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NIGHT DEMON (US) - Year of the Demon (2022)

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Last year, we released a series of five standalone, limited 7" singles that sold out almost instantly. Aside from the original songs (which were also released on digital/streaming platforms), the single recordings were exclusive to the 7" vinyl pressings; they have never been made available to the public for purchase in any other format - until now, with Year of the Demon 🤘

Pre-order now on our Bandcamp site:

Year of the Demon track-listing:
1. Empires Fall
2. Kill The Pain
3. Are You Out There
4. Vysteria
5. In Trance (Scorpions cover, live feat. Uli Jon Roth)
6. Fast Bikes (LeGriffe cover)
7. 100 MPH [Cirith Ungol cover, feat. Tim Baker (Cirith Ungol)]
8. The Sun Goes Down (Thin Lizzy cover)
9. Wasted Years (Iron Maiden cover, live)
10. Top Of The Bill (Scorpions cover, live feat. Uli Jon Roth)

For Night Demon fans that are ravenous for fresh material - 2022 truly is "the year of the demon"! In addition to the compilation due out in March, we are excited to reveal that we're presently working on a new studio album with a scheduled release date of November 4th, 2022. Stay tuned

for more details coming soon!

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