BATTLE SYMPHONY (GR) - War on Earth (2022)

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BATTLE SYMPHONY (GR) - War on Earth (2022)

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Ευρωπαϊκό Power Metal με συμφωνικά στοιχεία και έντονο το επικό στοιχείο θα ακούσουμε σε αυτό το ντεμπούτο άλμπουμ από τους Battle Symphony του Έκτορα Τσολάκη.

Παραγωγάρα και στην κυριολεξία αυτό που λέμε all star line up.

Μουσικά μου θύμισαν αρκετά List Horizon και γενικά Σκανδιναβία.

Για ακούστε το πρώτο single εδώ:

Battle Symphony are proud to announce the release of their debut album, “War on Earth”, via Soman Records!

The first album of the Symphonic Epic Metal band hailing from Greece, produced by Ektoras Tsolakis, will be released on May 15th 2022.

“War on Earth” will be available as a digipack CD with a special bonus track and as a digital release on all streaming platforms.


1. Fire on Earth (vocals Tasos Lazaris, Nicholas Leptos, Katie Johnson)

2. Hail Mankind, Hail!(vocals Tasos Lazaris, Nicholas Leptos, Katie Johnson)

3. Soul Survivors (vocals Roberto Tiranti)

4. Genocide (vocals Gülşah Brett, Dee Theodorou)

5. Power and Glory (vocals Tasos Lazaris, Katie Johnson)

6. The Final Chance (vocals Tasos Lazaris, Katie Johnson)

7. One-Eyed Jack (vocals Julian Küster)

8. Sacrifice (vocals Tasos Lazaris, Katie Johnson)

9. Darling (Stories cover) (Vocals Tasos Lazaris)

10. One Day (Vocals Katie Johnson)

11. The Battle Symphony (Vocals Tasos Lazaris, Nicholas Leptos, Daniel Heiman,

Julian Küster, Katie Johnson - guitar solos Gus Drax, Helena Kotina, Stathis Pavlantis)

Bonus Track

12. Los Guerreros (Felipe Del Valle)

“War On Earth” is a Metal Opera created by Greek journalist, author and keyboardist, Nikos Tzouannis. The project features the contributions of various vocalists and musicians, amongst others Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth), Daniel Heiman (ex - Lost Horizon) Nicholas Leptos (Arrayan Path, ex - Warlord), Tasos Lazaris (Fortress Under Siege), Dee Theodorou (Illusory), Grigoris Giarelis (Badd Kharma), hector.d (Mahakala), Gus Drax (Sunburst,Suicidal Angels,and Black Fate), Stathis Pavlantis (Reflection), Julian Küster (Black Eden), George Halliwell (Fortis Ventus), Felipe Del Valle (Delta) and Katie Johnson.

The music of Battle Symphony is pure Heavy Metal, combined with genres such as Folk and Classical Music.

Their upcoming debut concept album presents the sci-fi story of the conflict between the rebellion human army against the human and alien inhabitants of Planet Earth.

Orchestration and Arrangement by Grigoris Giarelis

Orchestral parts programming by George Halliwell

Collected and Edited by Dee “” Theodorou at the iCave Studio

Mixed, Mastered and Produced by hector.d at the HD Factory

Artwork by Mohammed Khoirul Anam

Official links ... QKTriav5xQ

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Re: BATTLE SYMPHONY (GR) - War on Earth (2022)

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Ωραίο!! Όντως υπάρχουν στοιχεία Lost Horizon, ακόμα και Royal Hunt εντόπισα σε κάποια σημεία με πλήκτρα.
"I looked in their evil eyes and they crouched like cravens,
I showed them my sword, and they trembled and louted low.
I gave their bones for food to the rats and ravens,
And I pray the gods for another and fiercer foe."
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Re: BATTLE SYMPHONY (GR) - War on Earth (2022)

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Συμπαθητικό! Οι Lost Horizon θα το επαιζαν σε ταχυτητα x4 .....Royal Hunt μου ρθαν και μενα στο μυαλό.

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