RANGER (FIN) - Ylös Raunioista / Risen From The Ruins (2022)

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RANGER (FIN) - Ylös Raunioista / Risen From The Ruins (2022)

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On this album we continue on the path we laid on our last demo *Insurgency*. The album was recorded in our home studio, which was a natural choice after being fed up with the music business and ”real” studios. The base tracks were recorded by the two of us, but there are also guest musicians on the album such as our live guitarist Atte Nikku from Rapid and John Finne from Obnoxious Youth. Emma Grönqvist and Sebastian Bergman from Chevalier and Iiro Karttunen from Emissary provided guest vocals.

Musically we wanted to broaden our sound. This can be heard on the instrumentation: for example we combined acoustic drums with electronic sounds and a drum machine. Theremin and air rifles are also new additions to our sound pallette.

We had thought of singing in Finnish for a long time. The lyrics deal with topical issues such as rising militarism, unemployment and life as a wheel in the capitalist system. The lyrics deal with important issues to us and it felt natural to sing about them in our mother tongue. We also wanted to make the lyrics comprehensible to our international audience so there we decided to make the album both in Finnish and English.

The album is a new beginning and a closure. Returning to the home studio and working with Ektro after a long time means closing a circle in a way, but we are looking to the future at the same time.

Ranger has risen from the ruins!

Available: December 16th, 2022.
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