OBSCURUS REX (GR) - Stand Up and be Counted (EP 2023)

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OBSCURUS REX (GR) - Stand Up and be Counted (EP 2023)

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Our debut EP, “Stand Up and Be Counted”, is quite simply the result of devotion and determination; the need to make our stand and share our music to as many people and as far as humanly possible.

While “Stand Up and Be Counted” is not a concept EP per se, there is one subtly recurring subject: Inner Fire. The fire that burns inside us (and burns us inside…) in every form, whether it is inspiration, passion, revenge or desperation.

In this madhouse that our modern world is, and despite our internal firestorms, we all must somehow find the strength to stand up, speak our mind and with a steady pace move forward!

“Stand Up and Be Counted” is not only Obscurus Rex’s introduction to the world, but it is also an open invitation to everyone truly alive inside, to walk with us with no compromises whatsoever!
Vocals: Manos Xanthakis
Guitar: Kimonas Alex
Bass: Panos Karabelas
Drums: Dimitris Sakkas

All Lyrics, Music & Arrangements by Panos Karabelas, except “Red” Music by Karabelas/Xanthakis

Produced, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Dimitris Sakkas at Dimon’s Studios
Co-produced by Panos Karabelas
Artwork by Sevi Spanou

©,℗ 2023 Obscurus Rex.

For more info & updates: https://obscurusrex.com
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