ELVENPATH (GER) - Faith Through The Fire (2023)

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ELVENPATH (GER) - Faith Through The Fire (2023)

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"Faith Through the Fire" impresses with rapid power metal attacks as well as flawless heavy metal anthems, often garnished with the kind of humor typical of the band.
More than 170 live shows in 13 different countries all over Europe as supports of (among many others) Doro, U.D.O., Sabaton definitely speak for ELVENPATH.
This album was again produced by Uwe Lulis (ACCEPT).
ELVENPATH - that's heavy metal from Germany! True & authentic!
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01 Overture of Steel
02 Shajan - Legend of the White Wolf
03 Satan’s Plan
04 All Across the Universe
05 Ocras Agus Neart
06 The Famine Year
07 Faith Through the Fire
08 Hail the Hammer and Warrior Wind
09 Silesian Winter
10 The Smoke that Thunders
11 Epiclogue
official site: https://elvenpath.com/
El Puerto records: https://shop.el-puerto-records.com/en/m ... ire-cd?c=5

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