DEADLY MAGIC (GER) - ...As Nightmares Gorged The Earth (2024)

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DEADLY MAGIC (GER) - ...As Nightmares Gorged The Earth (2024)

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Welcome to „Deadly Magic“, a new project by Messerschmitt guitarist and singer Maik Jegszenties.

Besides classic thrash and speed metal, there is another musical passion for Maik: US Metal and Progressive music. If you are a fan of early Queensryche, Sanctuary or Crimson Glory, you should take your time and check out this project.

For years, Maik was writing music that was different from Messerschmitt, but never attempted to bring it to life. As the world shut down in 2019, locations were forced to be closed and bands were forced to take a break, Maik came up with an idea to start a little project. Some songs and many ideas lay around for several years and now the time had come to finish those pieces. Several circumstances delayed the whole project and it took around a year to complete four songs and another year to record it.

As a little teaser, you can now listen to the song “Another I Beckons”. The first out of four songs from the EP “…As Nightmares Gorged The Earth” that will be released in early 2024.

“…As Nightmares Gorged The Earth” – Tracklist
1. Another I Beckons
2. Deadly Magic
3. When The World Stood Still
4. It Ends Where It Began

Released January 14, 2024

Maik Jegszenties – Guitars & Leads
Thorben Schulz – Lead Guitar
Yannic Zwinscher – Bass Guitar
Daniel Behle – Drums
Alexis the Warnabot – Vocals

All songs written by Maik Jegszenties
Lyrics written by Maik Jegszenties & Florian Piwek

Mix & Mastering
Yannic Zwinscher
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Re: DEADLY MAGIC (GER) - ...As Nightmares Gorged The Earth (2024)

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