TURBULENCE (LEB) - Binary Dream (2024)

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TURBULENCE (LEB) - Binary Dream (2024)

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Turbulence, the progressive rock/metal powerhouse hailing from Lebanon, unveils their latest sonic masterpiece with the release of the new single "Hybrid" today. This marks the prelude to their upcoming album, "Binary Dream" scheduled for release on March 8th, 2024 by Frontiers Records

The band states: “Binary Dream is a narrative wrapped in layers of groovy, technical progressive metal, with nods to Djent and jazz fusion. It's an exploration, a questioning, and an awakening. Dive into the journey of 8b+1, a robot at the centre of an experiment called Binary Dreaming. Across nine tracks, we're taken through a meticulously crafted story of consciousness awakening. From 'Static Mind' to 'Ternary', each piece is a blend of technical skill and emotive storytelling, reflecting the band's growth and ambition”.
1. Static Mind
2. Theta
3. Time Bridge (Instrumental)
4. Manifestations (Instrumental)
5. Ternary
6. Binary Dream
7. Hybrid
8. Corrosion
9. Deerosion (Instrumental)

Turbulence are:
Alain Ibrahim
Mood Yassin
Omar El Hage
Anthony Atoui

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