MORBID SAINT - Spectrum of Death (2021) (LP Reissue -Second Press)

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MORBID SAINT - Spectrum of Death (2021) (LP Reissue -Second Press)

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Θα το θέσω απλά: Για μένα το "¨Spectrum Of Death" σίγουρα δεν είναι ακόμα ένα Thrash Metal άλμπουμ. Με αρκετά Heavy, Speed αλλά και κάποια τεχνο-thrash -κυρίως λόγω του riffing, ω ναι μην απορείς- στοιχεία στο υλικό της, τούτη η μπάντα από το Wisconsin των ΗΠΑ παρέδωσε μαθήματα για το πως παίζεται η μπάλα, ναι με αυτόν τον δίκσο. Και να σκε4φτεί κανείς πως αρχικά είχε κυκλοφορήσει σαν demo -διάβασε στο παρακάτω press kit).

Και εντάξι μπορεί η nerdy μουσική μας φύση να μας ωθεί στο να εντοπίσουμε τα ξεχωριστά χαρακτηριστικά αυτού του δίσκου, αλλά at the end of the day που λέμε και στο χωριό μου, αν θέλουμε να το δούμε απλά και straight το ζήτημα, το "Spectrum of Death" δεν είναι τίποτα άλλο από μια ανίερη μπουνιά στη μάπα. Κολασμένο Thrash Metal γεμάτο μίσος. ... V4&index=2
]MORBID SAINT - "Spectrum Of Death" (Re-Release)
Label: High Roller Records
Release date: 14.05.2021
Format: LP (2nd pressing)

While words like “underground” and “cult” get thrown around a lot in metal circles, they could not be more apt to describe “Spectrum of Death” by MORBID SAINT. Back in 1984, the founding members eventually formed a five-piece that churned out some of the wildest thrash there has ever been.
Death manager Eric Greif, who went on to also handle their business affairs, recorded and produced their first eight compositions, which came out on his own imprint Edge Records in 1989 under the title “Lock Up Your Children”. He then licensed this demo to Mexican label Avanzada Metálica, who released it one year later as “Spectrum of Death” on vinyl, CD and cassette.

Whereas songs like ‘Damien’, which was clearly inspired by the movie “The Omen”, remind us how well metal and horror go together and the incredibly intense ‘Scars’ sums up quite summarily how fucked-up mankind is, closer ‘Beyond the Gates of Hell’, marks an epic highlight on the album, which does not need more than 32 minutes to make an unmistakable statement that is as valid today as it was back then.

Now the incendiary classic gets a due vintage treatment, with both sound (remastered by Patrick W. Engel at Temple of Disharmony studio) and artwork (by John Kujawa, who also designed sleeves for the likes of Acrophet and Numskull) staying true to the original.

The new High Roller vinyl edition guarantees a most authentic overall experience for connoisseurs and the uninitiated alike. Its patina has only grown thicker over time, screaming – and loudly so – to be rediscovered or newly encountered.

HRR 705LP, 2nd pressing: ltd 500, 200 x black, 200 x bone + 100 x transparent clear/ red marbled vinyl (HRR mailorder exclusive), 425gsm heavy cardboard cover, insert printed on uncoated paper

Also available on CD: HRR 705 CD, slipcase, poster, sticker

1. Lock Up Your Children
2. Burned at the Stake
3. Assassin
4. Damien
5. Crying for Death
6. Spectrum of Death
7. Scars
8. Beyond the Gates of Hell

(playing time: 32:00 min.)

Pat Lind - Vocals
Jim Fergades - Guitars
Jay Visser - Guitars
Tony Paletti - Bass
Lee Reynolds - Drums
Ο παλιμπαιδισμός των νεώτερων μπαντών "είμαστε τόσο εκτός σκηνής αλλά ηχογραφούμε για την Metal Blade" μόνο underground δεν είναι. - Zippo190 - Forgotten Scroll Forum - 2018
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MORBID SAINT - Spectrum of Death (2021) (LP Reissue -Second Press)

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ρε ο κιθαρίστας είναι πατριώτης μου Σκυριανός? Φεργάδης!
We scribe in the dark of the night our Black Steele
The evil rite of the black and the light We now reveal to you
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MORBID SAINT - Spectrum of Death (2021) (LP Reissue -Second Press)

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Τιτανιος δισκος!! Κριμα που το λαιβ πριν καποια χρονια δεν ειχε τοσο κοσμο

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