ATTICK DEMONS - Atlantis - 10 Year Anniversary vinyl release (2021)!

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ATTICK DEMONS - Atlantis - 10 Year Anniversary vinyl release (2021)!

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First time on vinyl! Celebrating 10 years since its original release day! “Atlantis” by Attick Demons is finally available on limited Gold Vinyl! The band has also prepared something special for this edition! Within the vinyl, there’s an exclusive download card for the fans to get a 5 track acoustic EP totally free via bandcamp! 10 years passed since the release of the first album by Attick Demons “Atlantis”, a Classic Heavy Metal Album with splashes of Power metal. The recording lasted about one year to finish; such was the band's desire to debut in a perfect way. The band choose TDA Studios with Antonio Triste and Paulo Basilio for producing, with whom they had already worked in Demo Tapes and live shows, because no one knew the band sound and dynamics, like they did. “There’s no love like the first…” Attick Demons wanted the keep the sound simple but very cohesive. Drums, Bass and Rhythm guitars are very strong and steady, allowing Guitar Solos and Vocal lines to emerge and shine. The special appearances by Paul Di’Anno (Ex-Iron Maiden) and Ross the Boss (Ex-Manowar) was something that further enhanced the sound of the album, taking it to another level. The band still feels privileged having Paul recording the song “Atlantis” in their studio. There were also others special guests, female vocals in “Meeting the Queen” by Beatriz Teixeira and “Sacrifice” has a beautiful piano introduction with the participation of a choir extolling the performance of the vocal line. It’s a conceptual album relating all lyrics with the mythic civilization of Atlantis. Songs like “City of Golden Gates” or “Riding the Storm” can take you back in time and travel thought your imagination, imagining their way of life as well as the daily struggles for survival. The original mastering was done by Andy LaRoque at Sonic Train Studios, Sweden, which also gave an even more professional sound to the mix. The album was so well received that two special editions were released, one for Japan with the Bonus Track Moonlight Walks (unreleased track), and other for Brazil with the Bonus Track Left to Breathe (First released on EP 2000). For this 10th anniversary edition, the band recorded 5 Acoustic versions during the Covid-19 pandemic, and mixed and mastered by Paulo Basilio. It’s more relaxing way to listen to the same songs, where you can appreciate more musical details. Nevertheless, they are still 5 great Heavy-Metal Songs.
20 Αύγουστου θα κυκλοφορήσει το "Atlantis" σε βινύλιο από την ROAR. Επετειακό reissue για τα δέκα χρόνια της κυκλοφορίας.

Εδώ τα κομμάτια.


1. Back in Time
2. Atlantis
3. City of the Golden Gates
4. The Flame of Eternal Knowledge
5. Riding the Storm

1. Sacrifice
2. Meeting the Queen
3. In Memoriam
4. Listen to the Fool

Exclusive bandcamp Acoustic Bonus Tracks:
1. City of Golden Gates (Acoustic Version - Bonus)
2. The Flame of Eternal Knowledge (Acoustic Version - Bonus)
3. Meeting The Queen (Acoustic Version - Bonus)
4. Moonlight Walks (Acoustic Version - Bonus)
5. Riding The Storm (Acoustic Version - Bonus)

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Re: ATTICK DEMONS - Atlantis - 10 Year Anniversary vinyl release (2021)!

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Πολύ ωραίος δίσκος, ειδικά για όσους γουστάρουν Maiden. Από τις λίγες μπάντες που δεν περιορίζονται στο "ρετρό" αντίθετα έχουν πάντα κάτι ενδιαφέρον να πούνε.
@CountRaven δεν ήθελα να το πω αλλά με αναγκάζεις, μια κλανιά του Adams και μια έστω και λάθος νότα από το μπάσο του Demaio εξαϋλώνουν 20 Prequelle στην καθισιά τους.

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