OF DYING DREAMS (US) - Same (Reissue 2022)

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OF DYING DREAMS (US) - Same (Reissue 2022)

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Heaven and Hell Records are pleased to announce another North Carolina metal band that was well ahead of its time.

OF DYING DREAMS was formed in October 1993 following the breakup of two Greensboro, NC–based metal bands. The remaining members of Requiem Mass (Chris Ferguson, vocals and keyboards; John Anthony, bass; and Chris Wheat, drums) enlisted former Perpetual Iniquity drummer/singer Scott Ingold to play guitar and provide melodic vocals. After fulfilling a prior show obligation, the newly christened Of Dying Dreams began working on new original songs, combining elements of thrash/death/progressive metal with melodic vocals and style. The original O.D.D. lineup lasted until 1997, when Ferguson left the band.

Over the next few years, other original members left and Of Dying Dreams began a rotation of various band members coming and going, the only constant being Ingold, who continued the primary songwriting duties for the band, eventually switching back to drumming. Ferguson returned to the band in 2001 to rejoin Ingold and new members Joe Potts (Trailer Park Orchestra) on guitar and Chris Sealey (The Pretty Ugly) on bass. Unfortunately, this most recent configuration only lasted a year or so, and the band split for good.

With a renewed interest in reissuing the O.D.D. catalog, original members Ingold and Ferguson returned to the studio in 2016 to re-record new versions of the band’s first two songs, “The Immortal” and “Embraced In A Dream” (included as bonus tracks on this release).

Scheduled for a December 2021 / January 2022 release, Heaven and Hell will be releasing a 2-CD set for Of Dying Dreams, featuring 29 tracks, including the 25th anniversary of their full-length “Drain the Light”, as well as their “Trapped” demo, and many unreleased songs. All tracks have been remastered by Jamie King Audio with a booklet featuring lyrics, a band Q&A, and a new cover by comic-book illustrator Tommy Lee Edwards (“Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem”, “Grendel, Kentucky”, “Marvel 1985”). The release will be limited to 500 copies worldwide.

Tracks are as follows:

Disc 1
“Drain the Light” (1996 demo)
1. The Draining of Light
2. Forgotten
3. Abused
4. Dark is the Sky
5. Final Resting Place
6. Never Escape, Forever Remain
7. From Afar
8. Depression
9. The Entity

“Trapped” (1994 demo)
10. O.D.D.
11. Trapped
12. Pain
13. Visions of the Afterlife

Bonus tracks (2016 new recordings)
14. The Immortal
15. Embraced in a Dream

Disc 2
“Of Dying Dreams” (2006 demo)
1. No Regrets
2. Monster
3. The Messenger
4. Strength
5. Hungry Like the Wolf

Unreleased demos
6. Fire From Above
7. Beyond the Dream
8. Dream Or Reality
9. Long Ago
10. Endless Skies
11. This Oblivion
12. The Hunger
13. Left Behind
14. Always

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