DEAF DEALER (US) - Keeper of the Flame (Reissue 2022)

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DEAF DEALER (US) - Keeper of the Flame (Reissue 2022)

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🔴Today is the birthday of one of the greatest heavy metal bass players of all time, Jean-Pierre Fortin's from the mighty DEAF DEALER. We want to wish him all the best and on this opportunity also announce an official reissue that has been in the works behind the scenes for quite some time, the very first opus of DEAF DEALER "Keeper of the Flame".

🔴The album will be re-released both on vinyl and CD in the coming months and will feature new artwork, remastered sound, lyrics, liner notes and never seen before photos.

🔴It was about time for the DEAF DEALER saga to be completed, so after the band's second masterpiece "Journey into fear", which is widely regarded as one of the greatest heavy metal albums ever made by any artist, the debut album of the band will get the same deluxe treatment. Stay tuned as more details will follow soon!

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