BLIND ILLUSION (US) - The Sane Asylum (Reissue 2022)

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BLIND ILLUSION (US) - The Sane Asylum (Reissue 2022)

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Released today: Blind Illusion's "The Sane Asylum". On CD and on vinyl. Remastered and faitfully restored, the vinyl cut in DMM (what a sound I can tell you). What can I tell you about this killer album? It has always fascinated me. It features Larry Lalonde (of Possessed and later Primus) and Les Claypool (later Primus). It has Thrash songs dating back to 1979, making this a Thrash Metal album (released in 1987) from the Bay-area where songs pre-date Exodus, Metallica and all others! "Blood Shower" is such a killer Thrash Metal song. I could go on, how significant this album is/was to me (back in 1988). And it is as close as Hammerheart Records will ever get to release something that has Metallica (in this case Kirk Hammett) involved, but you need to find that one out for youself...get this essential piece of (Thrash) Metal history. New album later in 2022.

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