VOLTZ - Knight’s Fall (Cult Metal Classics)

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VOLTZ - Knight’s Fall (Cult Metal Classics)

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VOLTZ were formed in the late 70's in Portsmouth, UK and they released only one album in 1982 which is nowadays hailed as one of the holy grails of NWOBHM. Features high class melodic lyrical hard rock and heavy metal music quite reminiscent of ASHBURY, MONARCH, etc. For the first time ever, the album will be officially reissued on double CD, featuring the entire second unreleased album of VOLTZ on disc 2!

A must-have release for all NWOBHM fans! Comes with remastered sound, a 16 page booklet with lyrics, story and rare pics. Limited to 500 copies.

Shipping starts on November 15th, 2018.

1. After Armageddon
2. In A Dream
3. Dorian Grey
4. Badon Hill
5. The Rose
6. Red Eyes
7. Years
8. Knight's Fall
9. Inheritance (Bonus Track)
10. Fire In The Dark (Bonus Track)

1. Promises
2. Hear Me
3. What's That You Said
4. Soft Touch
5. Sunrise
6. Sister
7. I Hear Laughter
8. Fire In The Dark
9. Spinning Round
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VOLTZ - Knight’s Fall (Cult Metal Classics)

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