VENDETTA (US) - Behind Closed Doors 90' (CD Reissue 2023)

Melodic Heavy Metal, firmly guided by a Hard Rock groove.
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VENDETTA (US) - Behind Closed Doors 90' (CD Reissue 2023)

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In 2023, Heaven and Hell Records will be releasing New York melodic rockers VENDETTA's 1991 debut “Behind Closed Doors”, for the first time on CD.
VENDETTA was the brainchild of five guys from Long Island, New York, created in fall 1989. The smooth and soaring vocals of Paul Carley led the way, his voice resonating with raw emotion and conviction. Guitar virtuoso Greg Arena weaved intricate melodies and scorching riffs that formed the band's sonic foundation. The keyboard wizardry of Dave Shockley added a layer of ethereal enchantment, infusing the band’s sound with mesmerizing textures. The stalwart bassist Bob Blickwede laid down thunderous grooves that anchored the music. While John Andricio, the heartbeat of the VENDETTA, kept the rhythm pulsating with his dynamic drumming.
Together, they embarked on a musical journey that traversed genres and defied expectations. The band played the Long Island music circuit, often headlining their own shows and playing as direct support for bands like LOUDNESS, DANGER DANGER and KIK TRACEE.
VENDETTA's melodic stylings were fashionable in the late 1980s and early 1990s rock scene. They would stay true to their original vision and sound despite the rapidly changing musical climate of the time.
In 1990 VENDETTA entered Paris Recording Studios in Long Island, NY where they would record their 9-song debut, “Behind Closed Doors''. The album would be produced by the band and engineer Scott Supack, who would also mix the album. The album was originally released only on cassette in a limited 500 pieces that would later becinme a rare US melodic rock album and difficult to obtain.
VENDETTA “Behind Closed Doors” will soon be available again in a limited to 500 CD pressing. Re-mastered by Jamie King Studios from the best available master sources. Package includes original artwork and complete lyrics.

Tracks include:
1. These Times
2. Behind Closed Doors
3. Far from Home
4. Little Hearts
5. Daddy’s Little Girl
6. Just for a Moment
7. Never Say Goodbye
8. When Tomorrow Comes
9. I Stand Alone

Scheduled for release in fall of 2023
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Re: VENDETTA (US) - Behind Closed Doors 90' (CD Reissue 2023)

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Καλό ακούγεται. Πιο ανατολικός o ήχος στο στυλ των Blue Tears

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