GRAND (SWE) – Second To None (2024)

Melodic Heavy Metal, firmly guided by a Hard Rock groove.
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GRAND (SWE) – Second To None (2024)

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On the 19th of January we release our new album Second to none. GRAND – the band was formed in 2020 in the southern outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden. Vocalist Mattias Olofsson had always nurtured a dream of releasing his own AOR project one day.

Working for almost two decades as a professional singer and songwriter, he kept experimenting with ideas and writing songs, just waiting for the right moment. In the fall of 2020, the stars finally aligned, when he came to know two fellow musicians who shared his passion for the AOR genre: guitarist and producer Jakob Svensson (Wigelius) and drummer Anton Martinez Matz. The trio joined forces soon after and Grand became a reality.Third band is none other than GRAND – the band a combination of old and new ideas, all with influences from their favorite bands such as Starship, Foreigner, Mr. Big, Giant, and the like, four songs were finalized that the band felt best represented who they wanted to be. They started to send the songs to different labels and in 2021, they signed with Frontiers Music Srl, the leading purveyor of quality melodic rock.
Κυκλοφορει 19 Ιανουαριου 2024 απο την Frontiers Records

1. Crash And Burn
2. When We Were Young
3. Leave No Scar
4. Rock Bottom
5. Sweet Talker
6. Lily
7. Kryptonite (ft. Nina Söderqvist)
8. Out Of The Blue
9. All or Nothing
10. Achille’s Heel
11. Daze Of Yesterday

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