CORVUS (UK) – Immortals (2024)

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CORVUS (UK) – Immortals (2024)

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Pride & Joy Music welcomes UK Melodic Rock group Corvus to the family! CORVUS will release the highly anticipated second album entitled “Immortals” on January 19th, 2024!
When Corvus announced their arrival with debut album ‘Chasing Miracles’ back in 2015, they did so with a distinctive blend of passion, introspection and anthemic energy leaving an indelible mark on hearts and souls alike.

‘Chasing Miracles’ earned critical acclaim and a devoted fanbase with live shows that were synonymous with electrifying performances leaving audiences hungry for more. The album’s theme of fleeting moments with romance and the pursuit of the unattainable resonated with listeners, solidifying Corvus’ position in the melodic rock scene.

In the years following their debut, Corvus embarked on an exploration of musical boundaries and appeared on many prestigious live performances. Their evolution is a testament to their commitment to growth and innovation, refusing to be confined by genre limitations.

Formed in the heart of the UK in 2012, the band’s journey has been a tale of artistic evolution, culminating in the eagerly anticipated forthcoming album, ‘Immortals’, set to grace the airwaves in January 2024.

‘Immortals’ is a thematic exploration of mortality and eternity while remaining faithful to the bands established feel-good spirit. The record speaks of personal transformation and emotional depth that bridges the past and present and continues to captivate their melodic fusion of raw energy and poetic lyricism.

The album’s creation was a labour of love and dedication, fuelled by the band’s unwavering bond and shared vision. With a UK tour slated for the months following the album’s release, Corvus are set to captivate audiences once again, delivering performances that charm the core of human emotion.
01 – Hero 4:33
02 – Let Me In 4:33
03 – Immortals 5:00
04 – Battle Cry 4:16
05 – What About Love 5:03
06 – Just Like Heaven 5:21
07 – Black Magic 4:50
08 – Satellite 5:10
09 – You Make Me Live Again 5:11
10 – If You Want It 4:55
11 – Stardust 4:44
12 – Chasing Miracles (Alt Version) 4:21
13 – Can You Hear The Sleigh Bells Ringing_ (Re-Mix)(1)

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Re: CORVUS (UK) – Immortals (2024)

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Re: CORVUS (UK) – Immortals (2024)

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