NOTORIOUS (NOR) – Marching On (2024)

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NOTORIOUS (NOR) – Marching On (2024)

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Norwegian rockers NOTORIOUS consisting of lead vocalist Chris Höudini, guitarist Nikki DiCato, bassist Andy Sweet and drummer Freddy Kixx have signed with German record label Pride & Joy Music and will be releasing their sophomore full-length album ”Marching On” on January 19, 2024.
“Marching On” is a continuation of the anthemic hard rock / metal heard on their debut album “Glamorized” (2020). It is full of catchy tunes that will make you want to party all night.
”Marching On” is everything we love about the sleaze metal genre. This album offers killer hooks, catchy pop-infused melodies, and an energy that will make you band your head all day.

01 – Intro
02 – Manimal
03 – All Night
04 – Ain’t No Stoppin’ (feat Mark Boals)
05 – Ten Minutes
06 – Eternal Fire
07 – Remember You
08 – Venom
09 – Marching On

Vocals – Chris Höudini
Guitars – Nikki DiCato
Bass – Andy Sweet
Drums – Freddy Kixx

" When Hairspray Meet Shoulder Pad" Show at
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Re: NOTORIOUS (NOR) – Marching On (2024)

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Πολύ ωραίο το All Night!
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Re: NOTORIOUS (NOR) – Marching On (2024)

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Ωραίο! Θα θελα βέβαια να λείπουν τα black φωνητικά από το Marching on, αλλά και τα 2 δείγματα είναι καλά.
Behold their steel
Black forever
On their blades the curse
The sorcery of death

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