HEYOKA (US) - Secret Rarities 1978-96 (2021)

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HEYOKA (US) - Secret Rarities 1978-96 (2021)

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Εγώ ένα θα πω μόνο: Μπάντα παράδεισος. Τα υπόλοιπα τα διαβάζουμε εδώ:
The music you are now listening to represents the best of the remaining previously unreleased Heyoka recordings both live and studio. The original 1979 studio sessions were first presented as rough mixes to various people very close to the band at the time, and one of those people fortunate enough to have received one of the demo cassettes was living in Louisiana and was able to preserve that tape over the years. That cassette is the source for the 1979 studio sessions (released on Spirit of Revelation in their final form) herein, and provides a different perspective on the core songs of Heyoka as far as how they were mixed, the lead guitar takes, etc. The track “Moods” is quite the rarity, only recently re-recorded by the band, this song could be considered the last great prog-rock epic written and performed live but never properly recorded in the studio. This live recording of the track is the only surviving example of it from the active period of the band. The other tracks are gathered from various sources and give you more of a clear picture as to what the band was about both in the studio and live– playing their top caliber originals mixed with select covers, usually cuts by artists such as Pink Floyd, Rush, or Jethro Tull among others. Presented in a digipak with foldout mini poster-insert, limited to only 300 copies, all songs and alternate studio versions, are for the first time released on CD. First one in the Texas Rock Dyamonds Series.

File Under: Pomp Rock, Melodic Hard Rock, Progressive Hard Rock.

For fans of: Prism, Trillion, 70s Kansas, 70s Styx.

Limited to 300 copies digipack with foldout poster/insert.

1. Change My Ways
2. Gonna Be Allright
3. Pessimist Fled
4. Trilogy
5. Star Tonight
6. Taking Notes/Feel It
7. Whot Boogie
8. Moods
9. Wink Of An Eye
10. Black Betty
11. Hold On
12. Take Me Down Easy

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Re: HEYOKA (US) - Secret Rarities 1978-96 (2021)

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