CJSS - Το πρώτο live

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CJSS - Το πρώτο live

Παρ 23 Απρ 2021, 22:40

Εντάξει τι να λέμε τώρα. Κανονική ανατριχίλα.

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CJSS David T Chastain- guitar, Mike Skimmerhorn- bass & vocals and Les Sharp- drums came from Spike. Vocalist/guitarist Russell Jinkens came from Prizoner. While we are not 100% sure this is the first concert we have judged it is or one of the first from the lack of Marshall Cabinets on stage and the song list which features numerous songs from Spike and pre-Chastain songs. In reality there are only 2 songs in this concert that made it to the first CJSS album "World Gone Mad." This was a fan video or a friend of the band's video shot on Beta. Obviously the quality is not up today's standards but it is "Classic CJSS!"
00:01 Ready For Action
02:57 Caught You Red Handed
05:36 Locomotive Breath (Jethro Tull Cover)
09:30 Thief of Hearts
13:35 Destiny
18:57 Ready For War
24:00 We Shall Overcome
28:26 Mystery of Illusion
32:56 Welcome To Damnation
37:25 Les Sharp Drum Solo
40:30 Lady Your Mine
44:00 The Black Knight
46:39 When The Battle's Over
51:00 Hellbound
54:45 The More You Get
57:30 Bloodlust
1:02:01 Radar Love (Golden Earring Cover)
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