TOMORROW'S OUTLOOK διασκευάζουν LETHAL (συμμετέχει ο Todd Michael Hall)

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TOMORROW'S OUTLOOK διασκευάζουν LETHAL (συμμετέχει ο Todd Michael Hall)

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«Talent, effort or quality don’t always decide whether a band achieves success on a large scale. It often seems almost accidental, and the cliché of being at the right place at the right time is certainly true. One of the greatest examples of this may be Kentucky-based LETHAL. Perhaps if their masterpiece ‘Programmed’ had been released 4-5 years earlier, around the same time Queensrÿche reigned with their legendary albums ‘Rage For Order’ and ‘Operation: Mindcrime’, the story might turn out differently. Because Lethal had everything needed to succeed.

Being massive fans of Lethal we decided back in 2015 to record a cover of the brilliant song ‘Immune’, intending to include it on our then upcoming album ‘A Voice Unheard’. Plans changed, like they so often do, and the recording wound up in the vaults (AKA a folder on a harddrive). We forgot about it for a few years until 2019 when the German metal magazine contacted us and wanted to include it on their new sampler ‘Metalliance Volume 3’.

We invited RIOT V singer Todd Michael Hall to handle those amazing vocals, while guitarist Dell Hull – of the original Lethal lineup – graciously agreed to participate. Completing the lineup for the song are the core gang from ‘A Voice Unheard’: bassist Andreas Stenseth, guitarist Øystein Kvile Hanssen and drummer Andreas Nergård. All video was recorded later, in celebration of the cover finally making its way out of its computer prison and getting released – both in physical and online form. For this release we’d like to thank our friends at; Frank Jaeger, Mahoni Ledl and Rüdiger Hugin Stehle.
This is our tribute to a band who has inspired us greatly and given us many, many years of musical enjoyment.»
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