MYSTIC PROPHECY - Νέο lyric video και 7"

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MYSTIC PROPHECY - Νέο lyric video και 7"

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Mystic Prophecy release new lyric video and strictly limited, handcrafted, crystal clear 7” vinyl for the song “Hail to the King”. The track is taken from the band's very successful 11th album "Metal Division", released in January this year, which made it to number 20 in the official German charts and received consistently excellent reviews from the press.

Watch the lyric video on YouTube here:

Get "Metal Division" here:
Get "Hail To the King" limited 7" vinyl here:

This special edition 7” vinyl includes the epic metal hymn "Hail To The King", which is dedicated to Alexander the Great (where according to Metal Hammer Germany “the music combined with the lyrics of the song, form a sacred alliance”) on side A and the ballad-like mid-tempo hymn "Here Comes The Winter", that gradually evolves into a catchy groove-monster filled with melodic hooks on side B! Two real highlights in a compact deluxe package!

The band has also released a “making of” video to give fans an insight on how this special handcrafted 7” vinyl single was made!

Watch the “making of” video here:


Νέα Mystic Prophecy καλούδια για τον λαό.
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