NIGHTWOLF (GR) - Same (Demo 1996)

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NIGHTWOLF (GR) - Same (Demo 1996)

Δευ 13 Ιούλ 2020, 00:50

"Nightwolf" was a creation of Spiros Manatos (main composer and vocalist) and Theodore Hitiris (co composer & Drummer) back in 1995 in Greece. Guitarist and main composer Alex Sidiropoulos was the next who joined the band and was followed by Bass player Peter Apotsos and second Guitarist Panos Papadopoulos.

The band was influenced by N.W.B.H.M. and Power Metal bands like Iron Maiden, Helloween, Judas Priest, Iced Earth and more. The first demo tape was recorded in 1995 at Q Studios in Thessaloniki and released in 1996 with the title "Nightwolf".


2.Beware of the Beast
3.The Lost Soldier
4.Face Your Fears
5.Second Coming

Although this Demo received very good reviews by local music magazines and radio stations, the band split in 1999.
Τίμιο και ψυχωμένο Heavy Metal από Θεσσαλονίκη. Πολύ καλό demo. Κατευθείαν στο κλίμα των 90ς από όπου και μας έρχεται. Το ακούς και σου έρχεται η 90ς αύρα.
Ο παλιμπαιδισμός των νεώτερων μπαντών "είμαστε τόσο εκτός σκηνής αλλά ηχογραφούμε για την Metal Blade" μόνο underground δεν είναι. - Zippo190 - Forgotten Scroll Forum - 2018
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NIGHTWOLF (GR) - Same (Demo 1996)

Δευ 13 Ιούλ 2020, 01:25

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