ATRIUM (COL) - Ancient Spells (2021)

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ATRIUM (COL) - Ancient Spells (2021)

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Η εξερεύνηση μέσα από τα μονοπάτια της Κοσμικής Σκιάς συνεχίζεται μέσα από αυτό το νέο project του Magister L. ενός από τα ποιο σεβαστά ονόματα στο Κολομβιανό underground -θα αναφέρω αρχικά τους Mantus και τους Sepulcro, μα έχει παίξει σε άπειρα projects-.

Το νέο του project προσεγγίζει τον ατμοσφαιρικό 90s Black Mwtal ήχο.
On June 11th internationally, SIGNAL REX is proud to present ATRIUM's striking debut album, Ancient Spells, on CD format. The vinyl LP version will follow later on.

Hailing from Colombia, ATRIUM is the sole work of one Magister L., who's a prolific veteran of the underground, most prominently with Mantus. As ATRIUM, however, he explores his cosmic shadow-self with a poignantly stargazing style of black metal brewed in the ancient '90s.

Ancient Spells is ATRIUM's bolt-from-the blue debut, and a more engrossing experience one will not find. As Magister L. explains, the record is "a conceptual album that follows some lucid and not-lucid dreams I had some time ago. The lyrics on this album mainly talk about oníric, cosmic trips, hyperborea, and an old kingdom I saw in my former dreams and its king. The music also is very inspired by nature because this music is made far from urban."

Indeed, Ancient Spells resides on another realm, so ethereal is its synth-led swell, but that atmosphere reveals myriad truths to those who wish to wander within its widescreen splendor. Fathomless darkness or breathtaking beauty? Unbearable density or liberating space? Decades behind or decades ahead?

ATRIUM offer no easy answers, only the sharp sword of pure & proud black metal. How will you wield it? Best to explore these Ancient Spells now, for another full-length is already in the works for SIGNAL REX.

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