THE SPIRIT (GER) - Of Clarity and Galactic Structures (2022)

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THE SPIRIT (GER) - Of Clarity and Galactic Structures (2022)

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First single of The Spirit - Band released and pre-orders are now open on following formats:

Jewelcase CD

Vinyl Boxset (AOP exclusive)
- lim.199 collector's edition box
- including limited super nova coloured LP
- 80x120cm flag
- cotton necklace with pendant with a diameter of 3,5cm made from cymbals (Made in Germany)
- signed artprint

- transparent red/black marbled (AOP + Napalm Records exclusive, limited to 199)
- grey marbled (EMP exclusive, limited to 199)
- clear with white splatter (Nuclear Blast exclusive, limited to 199)
- transparent blue marbled (The Spirit limited to 99 - SOLD OUT)
- black vinyl

Vortex shirt

Δίψας για Dissection vibes;

Το άλμπουμ της γκρουπάρας έρχεται πρώτη Απρίλη.
Ο παλιμπαιδισμός των νεώτερων μπαντών "είμαστε τόσο εκτός σκηνής αλλά ηχογραφούμε για την Metal Blade" μόνο underground δεν είναι. - Zippo190 - Forgotten Scroll Forum - 2018

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