DEATHSPELL OMEGA (FR) - The Long Defeat (2022)

Ό,τι λέει ο τίτλος.
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DEATHSPELL OMEGA (FR) - The Long Defeat (2022)

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Stand witness to The Long Defeat! Hearken to the first emanation of the third era of DEATHSPELL OMEGA: 44 minutes of black metal enacted through five instalments. Recorded live by the French power trio in July 2021. Bile and venom distilled and added until the leaves fell.

The Long Defeat unfolds over three parallel storylines told via three different mediums. Two in writing: the lyrics, as well as a fable. The third speaks through the artwork – two meters' worth of maniacally detailed visions depicting the same premise its written content draws from. All three are fundamentally entwined but diverging in narrative, each complementing or contradicting the others.

Ο παλιμπαιδισμός των νεώτερων μπαντών "είμαστε τόσο εκτός σκηνής αλλά ηχογραφούμε για την Metal Blade" μόνο underground δεν είναι. - Zippo190 - Forgotten Scroll Forum - 2018
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Re: DEATHSPELL OMEGA (FR) - The Long Defeat (2022)

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Φοβερή παραγωγή. Ελάχιστα πλαστική. Τα φωνητικά με ξένισαν σε μια πρώτη ακρόαση, αλλά είμαι ακόμα στην εισαγωγή του πρώτου κομματιού. Ακούγεται ωραίο! Ωπ μπήκε το πρώτο δυσαρμονικό ρίφ. :metalhead: Για να δούμε!
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Re: DEATHSPELL OMEGA (FR) - The Long Defeat (2022)

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Ναι σε ΟΛΑ 🖤
They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, We will remember them.
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Re: DEATHSPELL OMEGA (FR) - The Long Defeat (2022)

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Αναρωτιούνται όλοι ποιος είναι η φωνή τελικά, αλλά εγώ προσωπικά, σίγουρα ακούω και τον Arioch (ή Mortuus, αν προτιμάτε).

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