HAAVARD (NOR) - Same (2022)

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HAAVARD (NOR) - Same (2022)

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Αυτό το περίμενα καιρό και επιτέλους ήρθε.

Haavard is the acoustic brainchild of mastermind Håvard Jørgensen aka Lemarchand of early Ulver and Satyricon fame.

He will release his self-titled debut solo album "Haavard" on November 11. With his passion for the darker side of music re-kindled, Jørgensen decided to pick up the loose ends of the beautiful thread that Ulver´s "Kveldssanger" had left behind.

Watch the video to the first single ´Printemps´ here:

Pre-order "Haavard" as 2CD artbook, on CD or vinyl now:
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