FUNERAL WINDS (NL) - Stigmata Mali (2023)

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FUNERAL WINDS (NL) - Stigmata Mali (2023)

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Osmose Productions Release: 24 February 2023

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The Netherlands' FUNERAL WINDS is back with another stab of the murderous knife infused with poison of early '90s raw black metal filth. Stigmata Mali consists of eight wounds of black metal wrath inflicted on all that's holy. As one of the pioneering European black metal bands that is still active today, FUNERAL WINDS deliver with Stigmata Mali a monument of dedication to true black metal and the sinister. Hateful, raw, and Satanic…black metal the way it was meant to be!

Stigmata Mali translates as "The Stigmata of Evil" and is the title of FUNERAL WINDS' seventh studio album and first album to be released via OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS.

– Poisonous and true black metal to the bones.
– First album for Osmose Productions, while the band should have sign with Osmose Productions since their earlier days.

Online release page: ... mata-mali/

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1. Open the Wounds (5:18)
2. Stigmata Mali (3:52)
3. By these Hands, By Your Command (4:17)
4. Odious Emanations (3:45)
5. The Angles of Darkness (3:17)
6. Ferocious Revelations (4:44)
7. Purified by Acausal Flames (4:30)
8. The Bornless Forever (5:15)

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