DARK SANCTUARY (FR) - Cernunnos (2023)

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DARK SANCTUARY (FR) - Cernunnos (2023)

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Pioneering French dark atmospheric music since 1996, Dark Sanctuary is back with their eighth album, 'Cernunnos', the first in fourteen years. Following the EP 'Iterum' released in 2022, it marks the group's return to the front of the stage.

'Cernunnos' is an ancient Gaulish god who embodied the biological cycle of nature, simultaneously reflecting life and death, germination and decay, like the deer, the animal that represents him, who loses its antlers in winter to recover them in spring. This title perfectly symbolizes the history of Dark Sanctuary after these
years of artistic break and this rebirth.

Composed during the year 2022, the 11 songs of this album make it one of the most varied that Dark Sanctuary have made so far, oscillating between what has characterized the band for two decades and new musical horizons. Both dark and emotional, 'Cernunnos' is a new milestone in the history of the group.

Μόνο neoclassical / darkwave.

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Re: DARK SANCTUARY (FR) - Cernunnos (2023)

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